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Thread: Morale again

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    Morale again

    Just won the league (4 points clear) by winning 3 - 2 with an 89th minute free kick and every player has lost a morale point. They should be buzzing ffs lol
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    I have been saying this for months it's nothing but a scam to make us spend morale boosters. I won the league too and arrived in the CL semifinals even though I got eliminated by a weaker team and even today in the cup competition where I somehow get faithfully elimìnated every new season, anyway I have my GK that is n fire for winning the league and all other payers NO? Come on they should have been fired up ALL OF THEM. Nordeus is a scam, I do not even know why I continue to waste time playing this game itàs all fixed, I can predict the games I lose and almost always the results and how I'm going to lose.

    Listen to this one, which I knew I was going to lose, I play a team of only about 5% weaker, ok, I know itìs not much but with the same formation las season I would have kicked their tail. So my team attacks almost the whole first half my players must have at least 6-7 shots on goal and 2 free kicks and miss them all. They do a counter and score with one shot. The same thing in the second half, miss all the shots on goal but finally tie. Then while I keep missing shots left and right they do another counter at the 88' and one shot and it goes in. Plus my GK has better quality than his and he blocked a bunch of shots on top of it that he even gets man of the match.

    Now tell me how this was not already fixed by Nordeus to end that way. It's ridiculously fixed, I'm sorry to say even when it comes to my own outcomes in the positive, it's all already predestined. Last season I had all victories and two draws come to close to the end of the season I think four days out that I saw that ALL the top teams lost, so I figured I would lose too and sure enough, I lose 3-1 against a weaker team not 1-0 or 2-1 no 3-1. The conclusion is it's all already profìgrammed by the computer we are just pawns in their spending scheme.