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    [Official] Season in Review: Accolades - Available NOW!

    Hey Managers!
    It’s the first day of the season and a fresh start, so make sure to check out your Season in Review and your team’s performance in s168!

    With a new campaign we introduce to you another Season in Review novelty that should allow you to get to know your squad even better and make calls for the seasons ahead - Player Accolades. Accolades appear next to player data on the third page of the report and reflect one’s performance throughout the season. Only some players who stood out in your squad and fulfil the following requirements can earn Player Accolades:
    • Played at least 20 official matches during the season
    • Achieved more than 10% growth

    Types of Accolades:
    • Expected Scorer - This player is often in the centre of your best chances to score a goal. He is getting the most out of his position on the pitch.
    • Reliable - This player is in top form, plays smart and provides consistent results for the team. He is someone we can count on at all times.
    • Super Sub - This player has performed remarkably well when coming off the bench. He is your best player outside of the starting eleven.
    • Golden Glove - This player has been the centre point of season success, proving to be an unsolvable problem for the enemy offensive line.
    • Potentially Promising - This player has shown good promise despite not seeing him much on the pitch yet. We should consider dedicating more time for his training.
    • Rising Star - This player has managed to get the most out of trainings and improvement this season. He is somebody to keep an eye out on.
    • Focused Training - This player seems to not get as much out of team trainings as before, and should be considered for focused ways of training.
    • Declining Player - This player is past his prime, and most likely will not show significant growth in the following seasons.

    Get to know your players better and bring out the best in them! Who is the player you are most proud of in your season 168 report?
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