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Thread: Several noob questions

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    Several noob questions

    Hi all,

    I would like to ask a few questions here and hope some of you can help me.

    1. Do competitive games (league/cup/CL) and friendly games vary in number of skill points gained? (i.e. would a competitive game generate more skill points to a player than a friendly game does?)

    2. If a youngster does not play in any match (neither competitive nor friendly) and all he participates is training (at highest intensity practice matches, let's say), would he grow slower than a player of the same age who plays in matches?

    3. What is power train?!

    4. Do special abilities affect: a) a player's value? b) a player's match performance significantly?

    5. When I am doing upgrades to my gym, it asks me to "construct another item in this category and all other facilities at level 1" in order to unlock the training ground. Does "all other facilities" include stadium lights and scoreboards? (i.e. do I need to have stadium lights and scoreboards in order to upgrade my training and youth facilities?)

    6. Does the "supporters" section in matches affect anything? If I watch my match and got a few friends to come support me, does it give me a bigger advantage?

    Thank you guys!!


    P.S.: and this is how you spot a noob
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    1. As far as I know you get less skill points / experience for playing friendly games.
    2. I don't think so.
    3. -
    4. a) I think so. b) It does for me on my goalkeeper which has the penalty killer. He saved 3 penalty kicks today.
    5. -
    6. Some say yes, some say no. I'm staying neutral, which means ... maybe.

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    3) power training is the process of training a player repeatedly throughout the day on hard intensity training to achieve the maximum player development in a period of time. You do this by constantly giving the player green packs so he doesnt run out of condition and can stand hard stretching + hard cardio + hard practice on the hour every hour throughout an entire day if you keep feeding him green packs.

    This kind of training speeds things up pretty quickly but your green packs can run very low very quickly

    5) Yes i think it means everything. For example, i have the same thing atm with my level 5 youth academy. It says 'construct another item in this category and all other facilities at level 4....'

    Everything is Level 4 except my stadium which is level 3 and therefore the next level of youth academy is locked at present. I am sure when i complete my new stadium in 10 days and all the levels are displayed as L4 or higher, then i'll be able to. Its a way of stopping you having level 10 youth academy/training ground/medical and level 0 scoreboard which does nothing.

    Hope that helps

    EDIT to add extra answers....

    6) yeah if your mates turn up to your games and click support on your team, then you get 2% possession bonus for each. You get 8% for turning up yourself, up to 5% for the crowd depending on how many of your fans paid to watch your team and 2% for each of your mates. Please note that the total net possession bonus you can have over an opponent is capped at 15%, so if you get 8 for you, 5 for crowd and two of your mates show up, giving you +17 in theory, you'll still only get +15, but if your opponent turns up, you'll get +17 minus his 8 which gives you +9.
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    1. development in players is half in friendlies compared to competitive games but half the condition is used and NO skill point is awarded for MOTM.
    2. Should not make a difference
    3. Power Training is using lots of saved up/farmed green boosters or bought green boosters to continually earn extra skill points on a select few players in your squad.
    4. Adding SA doesn't increase player value. but it does enhance performance depending on what ability the player has and how it is used.
    5. Yes
    6. More supporters give you more possession, thus increasing the amount of chances you have to score goals, this is highly useful in AWAY games, since playing at home gives you +13% if you have max attendance +5% (or capped attendance on some levels) and you watching your game gives you +8% assuming your rival manager doesn't watch the game.
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    Thank you y'all for your answers! They've been truly helpful!!

    And quite disappointed that you need to have a good toilet before having a better youth academy....

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    Asking questions don't make you a noob.
    Everyone has to start somewhere
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