Up until now I'd have bet any money that draw frenzy was a complete scam. I only ever use the free tickets and 90% of the time hit a red card on level 2 (no matter which of the 4 I choose) and then give up.

Today I managed to get to level 23 before having to spend 5 tokens on rejoining. I immediately hit another red card on level 24 which cost me another 15 tokens. After getting the level 25 bonus I spent a few minutes counting up how many tokens I could collect to see whether it was worth continuing or taking the winnings. I took a risk as I'd never got that far so easily and got to level 48 before hitting a 3rd red card. Another 30 tokens spent and didn't hit the 4th and final red card until level 58 (costing I believe 60 tokens). The only downside was hitting the x325 coach on level 60 when I really wanted a player, but certainly can't complain!

110T (5 + 15 + 30 + 60)

134 Greens
191 Blues
124 Reds
7-9 * Player (got 7*)
6-8 * Player (got 7*)
6-9 * Player (got 6*)
5-7 * Player (got 6*)
x325 Complete All Round Coach
x25 Extensive mixed Coach
Playstlye of choice for Player of choice
Random midfield playstyle
252% of assignable attributes
22 playstlye boosters
9,250 Purple playstlye points
3,920 Red playstyle points
30 Orangle playstyle points
2 players on fire
1 Free ticket to enter Draw Frenzy