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Thread: auction problem

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    auction problem

    Is anyone is having a problem being able to get any player on auction?

    The past week i have been trying to get a player on auction to improve my team a bit only to see people with 200+% teams bidding on everyone and it is getting annoying cause they will bid n bid n bid it is obvious they dont need these players cause their teams have so many max star players.

    1 guy started the bid at 30 tokens so there was noway someone like me could even get 1 single player because of limited amount of tokens compared to these people who are paying a ton of money to max their team out and stuff like that then just bidding on every player on auction.

    I am starting to get so frustrated at people ruining the fun of this game

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    If you see a 5* player at the auction, everybody else sees that same player as 5* too. That’s how the auctions work. If you want to see the relative quality of the players of a certain team, look at their association.

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    You know there is a bot...