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    [Official] Xabi Alonso Career Tour - LIVE NOW!

    [Official] Xabi Alonso Career Tour - LIVE NOW!-wn-3-.jpg

    Hey Managers, are you ready for a trip down memory lane?
    Step into Xabi Alonso's shoes to feel the electrifying atmosphere of his iconic matches and crowded stadiums. Xabi has seen it all in football, but are you up for the challenge to relive his achievements and career victories?
    Join the Xabi Alonso Career Tour event and face opponents inspired by Xabi's pivotal career moments in order to win valuable rewards.

    The events is live until 28th July, @10am CEST.

    Good luck Managers!

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    i dont play those event after lose free attempts, no point to waste tokens in matches where your player skills and power mean nothing but on other side everything going easy, on my side top players with SA cant score from free kicks, player with high pass cant give ball to ST and ST cant score 1 on 1 even has skill for it, nordeus team score free kick easily even no skilled player, every pass in crucial moments come to ST and he score from corner line even surrounded with 3 defensive players, those things sucks even winning match in the end, not to mention scoring 2 or more goals in last 5 min if loosing etc etc