So last season my team could beat even the stronger teams, this season I cannot win one single game I have played 4 games in the league and won none. So what is going on when I have my team on exceptional preparation, formation, and tactics according to Tope Eleven instructions?
I am indeed the worse team quality-wise in the league this year and I will not spend one more penny. Yet if I cannot beat a team 1.3% stronger this season when last season I could win against teams 8 and 10% stronger there is something wrong here. Does anyone have the same issue? Strikers can't score, I'm losing games like the last one on a penalty at the 88" getting red cards all over the place even with normal tackling and the same players I had last year that hardly ever got reds. Could it be that it was decided my team was the one who would win none this season? My only hope, if I come in last, is to retain team quality and to get placed in a better league next season. At this point, I may as well keep tanking and put all my young players in and make them get better quality. Any advice?