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Thread: Funny thing

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    Funny thing

    So I play in the Unite Cup tournament and I'm playing against a team that is 145%, my team is 119% now if I play against this team in any other official competition I would get destroyed, In this competition, I draw 1-1, This is why this game is really a joke! This is yet another proof that when we play against actual real managers in an official competition the game algorithm is set differently and this also is a dishonest practice. there is no consistency at all, and quite frankly Nordeus denies that it's all fixed, or rather never admits it nor denies it, that is called plausible deniability. In other words, you know the games are mostly fixed but you cannot officially prove it, all the evidence is right in front of our eyes and it's blatantly clear, and yet, since there is no admission of guilt, they can keep denying it and getting away with it and we suckers keep playing it like it really mattered what we do.

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    Well I guess we all experience this when we played the challenges Top Eleven offer. This is something that can actually be tested (at leas to some extend).

    It is a very good call out to be honest.
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