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I apologize if i came off on the wrong foot.
I didn't mean it like that "oh you should be able to defeat that"
and i realize that your 15% and my 15% would have a great difference in white..... So i am sorry about that.
Also I never said the advantages only come after 30+% I only said that it shows as a favorite when 30+% .
If I working at nordeus I would have been creating those 3151 association beasts.
I am no genius about TE, also runs to CF when have to face a higher rated opponent.... Sometimes it works sometime it doesn't.
I did beat a 16+% in league and a 22+% in FA ( but after your 15 and my 15 it felt irrelevant about those) having said that .....
i get it about your frustation....these P2W throwing money at everything and ruining the game for the F2P. There is nothing we can do about that.... And nordeus obviously wouldn't give a damn about it.

I appreciate your apology. The problem is as you say and we have all known for a long time the spenders take the trophies, period! There are zero chances to compete with this game structure. Unless they make the game available for paying customers and another lesser version for people who want to spend less. If they do not want to change the game structure and pairings by % not level achieved. In addition, they have to make the game as real football truly is, leagues should be as they are in reality, you are promoted only if you arrive within the first 4 and you are relegated arriving in the last 4 in the league. Then at some level teams must arrive at the top league where they stop promoting and are only relegated if they arrive in the last 4, in this level/league only the first 4 qualify for CL. In this league/level, you qualify for the Super League when qualifying between 5-8 places. All other leagues/levels can play in the so-called Cup competition but these ought not to be open to those who arrive within the first 4 of the previous season. In addition, they ought to not take 20% from anyone, because all teams eventually would level off around an acceptable % level and be fairer for all. They also should only open the player market twice per season as in reality, This would be the best way to approach the problem. I would make it so those who want to play the limited version of the game, this one I described pay a small fee every three months like 2,99 US dollars, and in-game purchases are much cheaper The gamer version can leave it as is this one now and those who want to spend, spend, spend can do it there. We should have a choice as to how we want to [lay the game. Otherwise, I will just do as I said in another post tank the team for two season and start again from there.