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Thread: What level do all the prices for things increase?

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    What level do all the prices for things increase?

    Got a team at 114, one at 81 (and one at 24)
    The 114 team gets offered a 'exclusive bundle' form £49.99 and a 8 hour 'extensive safeguard' academy coach x 114 for £19.99
    81 team has a bundle at £9.99 (OK not as many items) and the coach for £9.99 x 100 (not x 114)
    What level does the prices increase/change?
    Why is there a difference of £10 for x 14 for the coach?
    It seems that the long term players as well as getting 'crap' players from things like special sponsor get ripped off financially. I would have thought that they would try and keep the long term players happy, but certainly does not seem that way??

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    It seems that there are different prices not just dependent on which country you live in but also your level as well. I'm afraid that I have no idea how the pricing is worked out.
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