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Thread: Ratings in match preview

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    Ratings in match preview

    I noticed this strange thing in match preview which I don't understand.

    This is my lineup - 3-1-2-3-1.

    Ratings in match

    And these are ratings in match preview.

    Ratings in match preview-1.jpg

    Player in DMC also hase a DC role, so I try to move him back and change formation to 4-2-3-1. And this happens with ratings:

    Ratings in match preview-2.jpg

    Same player moved from DMC to DC, defence rating stays the same and midfield rating is 7% higher? How come?

    And similar situation. Same initial lineup, now the player in DMC position is a bit weaker.

    Ratings in match preview-3.jpg

    This DMC also has a MC role, so I try to move him to midfield and change formation to 3-3-3-1. Now ratings look like this:

    Ratings in match preview-4.jpg

    Same player moved from DMC to MC, midfield rating stays the same and defence rating is 11% higher... Does anybody understand this? Should I follow there ratings or are they useless?
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