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Thread: penalty shoot out

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    penalty shoot out

    really??? This event is in game for really long time, is it that hard to make it at least fair for both side??? Last group every match started on deficite no matter defend or shoot first, if defending when try to set keeper says *error occured, cannot save the action*, oponent allready shoots and goalie stay in midlle jumping like balet dancer, if shooting when enter the shootout there is 1 second on timer just not the time to set shoot
    Is it really that hard to add start button what need to be pressed by both side in 5 sec before entering shootout??
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    It’s just awful.
    Boring, and monotonous.
    Not sure what the point is other than to waste our time like the card flipping game, they just want us to gamble away our tokens, and pay to play.

    4 days left for me in this game after almost 7 years. Bye bye

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    funny guys.
    This event is RIGGED, playing against BOTS, and they let you win less than 50%. somewhere between 40 to 50% is humans winrate.