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Thread: I believe i can speak for many of us

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    I believe i can speak for many of us

    My dear companions in this misadventure we call Top Eleven. I am going to share with you how this game really works not how they tell us at Nordeus and not how many think it works. So here it goes.

    Firstly, this game does reward only and mostly those who spend quite a good amount of money on the game. There is no doubt about that. I admire and give credit to the very few managers who can build a team and keep it of great quality to compete by spending little or nothing. You are the exception, not the rule by the way. By the way, this occurs only because those who can do so live in areas of the world where they can avail themselves of greater amounts of free tokens than most of us can. Without tokens, you can do nothing, period.

    Having said this, the game works as follows. The game does take the AVQ of the team as the first basis of a team's progress in competitiveness. AVQ therefore is the most important factor. The computer, engine call it what you want will prepare statistical outcomes at the beginning of each season. In other words, it means nothing to the computer if you are a team with a low AVQ, will not place well, or better your team will never win anything, or if it does it will be very rare.

    Basically, the outcomes of the league results as well as the other competitions are already predetermined before they start. Therefore it will matter little or nothing if you spend or not to get better results in the already begun season. In other words, it will matter little if you spend a lot to improve your team because even though it will appear you are doing better you will never achieve the ultimate outcome which is to win the competition. In the cup competitions, this is relatively impossible and in the league even though it appears that way you still will not win. I witnessed this last season in the league. A team had a very high AVQ but still lost a lot then suddenly I noticed that he began to dramatically improve the AVQ and player quality and no doubt preparation, he began to win but when it came to competing against the two teams who would finish first and second he had no chance. By the way, I was the second-place team and beat him although having a much lower AVQ than him and tied one game against him. By the way, I had an AVQ lower than a lot of other teams in the league and still beat most of them. Why?

    You might say, because I prepared better? Maybe I had more players with playstyle? No! Not at all, you know why? Take this season as proof. I have better preparation and training ( teamplay) than last season, I have more players with on-fire morale and yet I not only cannot beat teams last season I trounced, even teams of higher AVQ but I also am losing against teams of lesser AVQ. Am I to suppose these managers have a higher and better preparation than mine? It's improbable. I do not think so!

    I believe that all is already predetermined and therefore it will not matter, all of that appears to matter but it does not. Of course, if a manager does nothing or very little then the team obviously will not do well. However, the computer already knows who the managers who spend are and who the ones who do not also are. It considers this when it makes the new season predeterminations.

    Therefore, the preparation of the team, playstyles, morale, and training do not count toward the outcome as much as we think, or better it counts little. All that is designed to make us spend more money but in the end it simply has the appearance that it counts. In the end, it's AVQ the deciding factor and the competition becomes real between managers who spend more than others. The outcomes are probably predetermined by the amount and effort used in the previous season. Therefore if you get placed in a league or competition where the teams on average have spent less than you did you will be predetermined t to do well and even win. If they place you in a league or competition group where teams have spent more than you last season you will not be predetermined to do win but to be slated based on your expenditure last season.

    I truly believe this is how it works because the statistical outcomes of my team versus expenditures give proof that this is how it works. You will win against better teams if last season you spent more but if you spent less then you will not.

    This is why how much effort and money you place into the game this season will determine where you will be placed next season and also the results will be based on that. Every match we play has a predetermined outcome to make us arrive where the computer already placed us. It will not matter what we do this season,m it has been written in the program already. The computers are also not infallible due to glitches and programming errors but these are few even as the upsets are.

    Therefore to have a fair game and competition where everyone can do well they have to bud out of predetermining the outcomes and leave the outcomes to occur strictly based upon the actual AVQ yes, but especially based on the preparation level of the team. One can beat a better team if their preparation and training are better. If the computer strictly gave the results based on preparation and training we could have a real chance to bridge the AVQ gap because then the computer would create outcomes and statistics based more on the reality and effort of each manager. This way the outcomes every season would not be manipulated and already be set in stone. Until the game computer is programmed to do this, it will not even matter if the draws each season look more favorable. One season I won the league because they put me in a league where 97% of the teams were so much weaker that it would have been impossible to not win, yet if they simply based the computer programming on preparation besides AVQ at least the results would have been a lot more realistic. Even if they still lost it would not have been 11-0 10-0 etc. In what real league does a team trounce everyone with those lopsided results? Nowhere ever. Even by this, we can understand that preparation and training are the least factor in this game, they are however their money makers. We live under the illusion that they count more than they so but they do not. How could you not bridge a gap of - 6% or even -8% when your team is at 70 teamplay and have all players at 99% rest and the top eleven on fire morale? While last season it happened? Because the outcomes are not determined by those factors as they should.

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    for long is known that game is dice based, so when ever you player shoot dice is rolled is he score or miss, same in goalkeeping, also having low power player on pitch make game balance on him, that is why khris allways suggest to test team vs 1% teams, except those players who have access to almost unlimited ammount of free tokens there is players who know how to exploit that, nordeus want a game where is not important what you do as manager as long you pay or spend tokens, that is why 170% players cant dribble over 30% dc or score one on one with one on one skill vs goalie without skills and 50%