It was to be expected that after the playstyle boost, they would come up with more gimmicks to make us spend. $ 19.99 for these new playstyle boost packages? Really? They are insane! Do they think that we go to work to earn money to give it to them to play a stupid game? I mean really! I saw a guy the other day who said he spends 100 euros per month on this game, what? He must have an addiction to spending that much, that is 12,00 euros per year. That is a month's rent. They are insane and these people who spend that much, it's like a drug. This is what they are doing it is shameful. I am appalled at this continuous attempt to make us spend so much. Greed at its best at this point. Please Nordeus, get some big sponsors and stop overcharging us players to play this game. This is insane! You cannot ever recover, each season they create more and more high-spending crap, instead of giving us some incentives to play the game they simply try to lure us with new updates which later end up having an unreasonable expense to bear. It's disgusting now!