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Thread: Every single friendly an injury?

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    Every single friendly an injury?

    If there has ever been an incentive to no longer play a friendly match it has been las and now this season. In the last 4 friendlies, I have incurred in 3 injuries.

    The irony is they make you improve the field/ pitch condition and the medical facilities to, they say, reduce the severity, length, and frequency of injuries. Really? I have yet to witness these facts. There is no reduction of injuries and there is nothing else they claim there is. This game is now borderline criminal. They increased yet once more prices on everything then they give you these weekly gifts, which are no doubt a precursor of some other thing they planned to screw us. I still am wondering why I am playing this game. Did you see how much they went up in the Academy Coaches? If it was not so sad it would be comical.
    They started with them costing 4.99 US dollars, then they went to 9.99 now 19,99? I mean give us a break. Are there people who buy these at these prices? One would think that if you are increasing the price you would have a reason to do so that would benefit and result in increased purchases. This game though defies any and all retail logic. So when a store wants to sell stuff that is not moving or they want to promote a product they do sales. Such sales reduce prices to incentivize consumers to buy the products. This game is impairing people to want to buy their products. To me it's insane. Do they know how to market by price increases rather than sales? This would be the first I ever heard of this strategy in selling products. Either that or the game players are rich and have no money problems to spend this kind of money, or they are addicted and do not care how much they send or they are plain stupid. Well, you have to be pretty stupid to pay the type of prices they offer.

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    Instead of relying solely on friendlies for training, you can explore other avenues like League matches, Cup competitions, and Daily Training. This can diversify your training methods and reduce reliance on potentially injury-prone friendlies. Buckshot Roulette