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Thread: Scout players special abilities are you serious?

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    Scout players special abilities are you serious?

    I mean, we are getting at insanity level in this game, every time you turn around you realize what they are doing to's incredible. Besides ripping us off in a myriad of ways but now as I look at these new scouting players it's astonishing to see that out of 40 players excluding the GK, we have 15 penalty specialists 9 corner specialists which is 24 players out of 40 including GKs. 11 free kick specialists is 34 players out of 40 there is ONE shadow striker and that is it my friends, what a bunch of crap, out of all the special abilities these are the worst and less useful. Maybe the free-kick specialists ok but come on, not one ST with a one-on-one? Only one shadow striker? Give us a break. I mean how many corner kickers and penalty kickers do we need? There are not a lot of penalties in this game and a player with great crossing skills can kick a corner as well as any corner kicking specialist. I have an AMR shadow striker who can kick free kicks even better than those who have a special ability to kick them. We are being taken for a ride

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    dont forget thing that mostly dc has free kick and penaltie kick skill instead what that really need as dc, wall or aerial def skills
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