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Thread: Training whole squad vs first team

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    Training whole squad vs first team

    Hello everyone.

    Could someone, with experience, tell me about the statistical differences between training the whole squad I have (28 players) vs the first 11?

    What's the real benefit of training just the first team, as themselves?

    Is it better to train all players together, or just the starting 11?

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    If you train all 28 - all 28 will improve in quality and training bonus will be higher.
    I can't think of any advantage of just training the first 11 because at some point you will have injuries and suspensions and you will need your substitutes to fill in.
    There is a special sponsor task that requires training the full squad also.
    You may have a fast trainer in your reserves who increases in quality faster.

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    Always train in minimum group according to role (4 for def / mid, 3 for att), this will result in higher teamplay bonus.

    Unless when using "teamplay drill", i train my first 11 and (1 planned sub).