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How did it go, did you buy him?
I watched and was amazed at the lack of action. 8T and $3.04M, below worth!

With me in the auction it would have gone at least 15 rounds.

He would have been my best DC. My best DC now is DC/DR 25yo 41Q, and after that is 35Q and a couple of 34Q.
But he would have been my oldest defender keeping my 18/19 yo on the bench.

Could of, would of, should of? I would rather buy a scout, but I need an MC with freekick first, and then another ST with 1v1.
DC with Wall would be nice, but I am training an 18yo DL/DC with wall right now.

So overall, I could have used him, but at 26yo and 15-20 tokens to win him, i would rather save those tokens for a scout.