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Thread: Need help for Champions League Semifinal

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    Need help for Champions League Semifinal

    I play a very important game today, its the semifinal in CL.
    This is my team:
    Need help for Champions League Semifinal-my-team.jpg

    This is my rival:
    Need help for Champions League Semifinal-rival.jpg

    The avarage of my 11 players is 26,18 and he's avarage is 23,73.

    What advice can you give me? Do you think my formation is the best to beat him? What about the commands?
    I need Help!

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    With your players, you are missing the AMR to do the 4-5-1V which normally beats your opponents formation.

    i would try this:


    Attacking, down the flanks, whole pitch, normal tackle, mixed passing, zonal, no counter, no offsides with red arrow on MR.

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    If craciots formation should work, otherwise try 3W-2N-3W(motivated wingers)-1-1. Normal mentality, long or mixed passing, mixed attack (you kill him with motivated wingers and the AMC, who are all badly covered by him). Good luck.

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