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Thread: Bidding System

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    Quote Originally Posted by July Fourth View Post
    13T can be a lot to some players... a lot of players have to live on 35T a season because they don't get any token farming offers and won't spend a penny on the game. But for the token farmers and buyers its hardly worth pondering over.

    But the bidding system is the best there is... what over way are they going to auction off players? basically the cost of a player is how many knockout rounds bidders are prepared to go until there is a winner. I don't mind going 25 or even 50 KO rounds for a player I would really like to sign. If you don't have many tokens to play around with then you need to think of a strategy to be successful in the players you bid for.
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    I play with two accounts. One account has a lot of tokens through offers and with that one I buy scouts, younger players, etc. The other account I use to play with 35T per season and with that one I only buy older 5* players (fortunately, there are a lot of those on that server) which usually go only a round or two because I cannot afford to get in the bidding war for a younger player..

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    I wonder if those having a bitch and moan realise that there are far worse apps around that are far more aggresive in getting more money out of you via 'in app purchases'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dv8r View Post
    Think about the people who lose 100 tokens from this sort of thing...And here someone is crying about 13 tokens lol.
    Spoken like a true Tommy.

    people who waste 100T on a player are retards with money to burn. Someone who cries about 13T is one of the managers in this game that cant afford to lose 13T in the first place and the way Nordeus has this setup with token suckage, it puts non-Tommys at a disadvantage.

    Face it, if you dont buy tokens, you are behind the eightball from the start. Everything in this game is geared towards you buying tokens to increase the chances of winning. That is fact. The problem is, not everybody is aware of this. Many people dont even care. but sure as ****, as soon as you buy tokens, you care more about this game because it becomes an investment. And we all know that people hate to lose investments. And what is the thing that people do when an investment starts to go south? Pour MORE money into it. And we see that happen all too often here. But I digress....

    you could be a bit more compassionate with people who are not as gifted as yourself, in terms of management and/or money. That is my point.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebird Hewitt View Post
    I wonder if those having a bitch and moan realise that there are far worse apps around that are far more aggresive in getting more money out of you via 'in app purchases'.
    That is no excuse for Nordeus and their token suckage ways. Nordeus is guilty of token suckage in the worst ways in this game and they take advantage of it whenever they can, especially as the season progresses and you end up in CL/CUP semis and finals, with injuries and scheduling brainfarts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by della morte View Post
    Top Eleven Be A Football Manager bidding system is a MOTHER ****IN' STUPID THING THAT EVER CREATED.. how can someone waste so many damn tokens just to buy a player, how many rounds does someone have to go through just to complete a transfer?? STUPID..!!! I just wasted 13 tokens just to get NOTHING?? ARE YOU ****IN' SERIOUS!?
    Sometimes a transfer costs you one token. Sometimes two or three. Maybe a good player costs you more, like 13 or 20. A scout player costs 50. We've seen auctions go up to 100+ (I think the record is 120?).
    It's annoying when you lose an auction, but that's not the fault of the bidding system, it's the person beating you. Don't hate the game, hate the player.

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