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Thread: Do you watch games played by your friends or rivals?

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    Do you watch games played by your friends or rivals?

    Simple question, you only play 2 games a day last 10 minutes at best, but do you watch friends and rivals matches and give the +2 support? I occasionally do this, If I happen to be online in game in top eleven and the pop-up comes up that your friend or rivals match is on. It could also be good if your looking to try and get the right tactics to defeat an opponent.
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    I often watch rival games in my competitions to try to gauge their performances. In these games, I never add my support to either side, even if one of them is a friend. I did "support" a friend in a league match 2 seasons ago, when he was playing the league leader. But I noticed after that, every league game I played, the leader came and watched, and supported my opponent, whoever it was.

    I do "support" friends sometimes when they are playing, but NOT in any of my competitions.

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    Watch quite a few, more so in the later stages of the comps.
    Gave support for a friend to get him out of L1 we were in the same league, I went up he didn't so as I say supported him the following season to give him a bit of help. He's a dive leader on a liveaboard out in Indonesia so can't get to many matches himself.

    Supported two last season in my league but only because second place jumped on a few of my games with his mates.
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    few weeks ago you could support only one friend , now you can support multiple , so i always go against randoms with better team & all friends i can support & against my rivals from any competition ... even if is only 2% sometimes worth :P

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