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Thread: how can i play with my frind in the same ligue

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    how can i play with my frind in the same ligue

    Hi everybody...

    I wanna ask you all of you how can i play with my friend(s) in the same ligue..
    we'll be in third level both of us.. next month.. and we wanna play together
    can anyone help us please?

    Thank you

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    Prey to god you are on the same server!
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    You should be on the same server,this is happens to me everytime i have my friends in league,so Good Luck!

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    Ok I m in 15 level and my price for a league match its only 1.52m
    is that ok !!My players wages is 2.69 M
    until the season 14 everything was right for example league price was 1,2M and my player wages was 1.1 or 1,3 m but it was ok
    My question is ?
    Is it the new system from season 14 ?