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Thread: Question on stadium upgrade

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    wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

    do the seat upgrade, small, medium, larger and then upgrade the stadium. After 16 days, you will spend the EXACT same amount of money. It will take the EXACT same amount of days. But by upgrading seats first, you get two advantages.

    First: you get to take advantage of the extra seats after each upgrade. Extra seats, mean more ticket sales which translates into more money.

    Second: You spread the financial commitment out over 4 upgrades. So instead of one huge expense, you get 4 smaller expenses. Very important at early levels when cash is harder to come by.

    Here are some pics to support that building seats first is better.

    Question on stadium upgrade-stadium1.jpgQuestion on stadium upgrade-stadium2.jpgQuestion on stadium upgrade-stadium3.jpgQuestion on stadium upgrade-stadium4.jpg

    And to the OP, you will have a big jump in fans when you level up each season.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ljepoje View Post
    Yeah, that's the way I learned to "do it". I always see to upgrade the facilities first, then the stadium at last (high expenses + takes 16 days to complete).

    When it comes to "stadium or seats", well the answer is simple > Stadium. Why? Lower cost, more seats etc. Some of you say "you save 3 days"? No, you don't! It takes 13 - 16 days to finish a seat upgrade, then another 3 days to get the stadium upgrade completed. Also a seat upgrade is more expensive option then a stadium upgrade. Just use a calculator and do the math (Ps. expenses, time etc are based on lvl from lvl).

    Also, if you decide to upgrade the seats and then the stadium - the seat upgrade will be annulled
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    Thanks, this is very helpful.
    Due to these pics I really have no clue why the guides stated that seat upgrades are useless... The advantages are absolutely clear.
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