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Thread: how to choose friends to be with me in the league

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    how to choose friends to be with me in the league

    i have about 24 friends playing top eleven
    and they are all just 1 level below me
    so i decided that i'm going to lose for a season so that they can be with me in the league
    but i mainly want some friesn and i fear that the server might put other friends that i'm nnot intrested in playing with me
    so how can i choose who gets to be with me in the league
    is that possible ?

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    Not that I know I think it will be just luck who plays in the same league as yours.
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    delete the friends you don`t want and keep the one`s you do. that being said they need to be on same server to get in same league so check friends fixture`s those that are there are on same server so those are the one you want in same league