It's the new season, the players run out onto the training ground, you the manager scan your players. Who has what it takes to bring you success, fame and fortune? Sell the duds, keep the youth that can progress and that older player who has the quality to bring them forward.
Find your favorite players, find the moaners who's moral goes low whether you play them or not, get rid of them!

You want the league title that was stolen from you? Maybe a cup run against the better sides and be a giant killer?
Don't forget the champions league if you qualified, if not better luck next time. The fans expect big things from you and you the manager has to provide excitment for your fans.

You have saved your $ you have saved your tokens... (I have) You look at the transfer market, you buy big, will that player bring that special thing to your team??? Will you get out bid by a bigger team??

Let the fun begin.

Good luck everyone.