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Thread: How do you call the Cup?

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    How do you call the Cup?

    Many people here hate new cup format, so they decided to gave an alternative name...

    For me I call it Royal Rumble Cup with Nordeus (copied from The FA Cup with [Redacted, Alcohol sponsorship]). Mostly we called them Royal Rumble Cup...

    How do you call the Cup?


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    Cup of bulls***t

    No really, I just call it the Nordeus cup.

    I joined after the new format so I don't know what it was called previously, but that's what the game describes it as.
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    I dubbed the new cup format as the "Royal Rumble Cup" because of all the similarity of quality that comes in the draw and the difficulty of the competition for token buyers, basically it became a fight to survive, which in the Royal Rumble in wrestling itself, your up against it just to stay in the competition, hence why I thought it simply was the Royal Rumble Cup compared to the old FA Cup style format that seen teams across all levels play in the same competition.

    One of the main reasons the older cup format was scrapped was because games like L2 vs L20 were just utterly pointless and always one sided.
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    this cup is great.....always been a big fan of the new cup...
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