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Thread: Enough Already!

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    Enough Already!

    The popups are just ridiculous and I'm sick of them.
    1. I KNOW I don't have a jersey sponsor. I don't need to be reminded every 30 seconds!
    2. Telling me the auction is ending for so-and-so 2 seconds before the end of round is completely pointless. Tell me 15-20 seconds before the initial round ends, then STOP.
    3. I'm glad to be reminded of my friends matches .. but really .. move the popup so it isn't interfering with my auction or setting my formation and tactics or ... just move it out of the way!

    /end rant

    No .. I'm not done ... have I got the point across how much this little aggravation becomes a big aggravation simply because it's nearly constant? PISS off ... I have a cool jersey, and I don't want to slap Nordeus name over it for a paltry 54k or whatever the ridiculous jersey sponsor amount is.
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    I have to agree that is annoying and what they should do is put a pop up on when you are challenged to a friendly asking accept yes/no!
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    or the popups for matches that are not in your friends list! i get popups for games from people just cauze we are in the same league...