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Thread: I have some proposes and some new adds for the game!!!

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    Question I have some proposes and some new adds for the game!!!

    Hello ,

    I dont know have you ever played FIFA Manager 2010 or earlier versions, anyway there was a simply stadium with live game match where the players were playing in real, but not like live match, players are with points and it shows their moves and their gameplay, so i want this because i want see how my players do real play, not only with commentary, sometimes a player with less stars can be more successful than a higher star one!
    Second , can you change the style of the New Players from the academy , I see there is too much Tokens to sign a professional contract with your OWN player, thats not good, example how can I spend 15 Tokens in a player with less stars from all the squad I have, can you make it 5 Tokens for the each player you get from the Academy! Try out to help to players please!

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    This is just a flash game.... don't have a lot of GB like Fifa (1)
    They said they won't do it (2).
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