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Thread: The logic of injuries *again*

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    The logic of injuries *again*

    Hello everybody,

    I'd like to express my opinion on injuries. It seems for me as I progress thru the game (I'm lvl 3) that building stuff such as medical buildings and better grass just sort of "unlocks" new types of injuries and makes them last longer. They are suppposed to avoid the injuries and make them heal faster, but I don't see the right effect. I expect that at lvl 15 players will suffer a bullet hole in the knee or zombie bite in the neck.
    This aspect of the game sucks.

    I'd like to hear from more experienced players if it is or isn't pointless to build something that should "lower the risk and recovery period for injuries", when the effect is not always seeable. Thx

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    Even in the highest levels of the game with improved facilities, you still suffer injuries at an average rate of about 0.4 injuries per game.

    I'm L19 with maxed out facilities, so thats a good enough response from any experienced player will tell you.
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    The impact of building certain types of facilities is questionable but some are valid, for example, how often you get young players. So if you decide to not build something, like scoreboard, the engine will not allow you to build other things that matter (stadium, youth facilities). With that said, you have to build everything, i just always go for the seats/ stadium first and foremost as I see daily benefit from that.

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    Since I've improved my medical facilities, although the number of injuries doesn't seem to have altered (either up or down), the LENGTH of injuries has improved. In lower levels it was common for injuries to be of 8/9/10 + days. My longest injury over the last four seasons was 6 days. Most now seem to be 2-4 days.

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