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Thread: The History of Top Eleven

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    The History of Top Eleven

    This is the place where you can discuss about T11 in the past, such as the introduction of features, your past days, your experience, etc.

    As I have gathered enough information then I will be making documentary about Top Eleven...

    If you have screenshots I would be very appreciated.

    To start off, here's my experience:

    I start playing T11 on the mid-2011, where I saw an advert on Facebook about Top Eleven, then I think this is a very interesting game, then I started playing. When I looked at my lineup, I'm completely fasinated (I didn't watch football that much) to see all players are from Thailand. So I decided to find the way to get rid of them (I don't understand about stars yet).

    Then I stopped playing until January 2012...

    I got to start a new team, it is named Mukmuks, it is a German team. There eventually surprised me when I saw that the game just gave me 70 TOKENS!!! So I played for a season, and I won the league!

    Here is my Mukmuks squad. (This is the only picture I found)

    As the new season dawns, I completely shocked to see all players lost 1* (I don't understand the game mechanics yet), then I managed to buy a Croatian 5* goalkeeper, then rename my team to PSG. My performance in my new season is completely terrified, so I decided to quit T11 there.

    My final matches as Mukmuks...

    Then at March 2013, I have some feeling about T11, and thinking about starting the game again, so I enter the game and created the team named AEPRE FC...
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