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Thread: what you like/hate about the game so far

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    what you like/hate about the game so far

    after playing 7 seasons so far
    here is why am playing the game and enjoying and other reasons why i may quit one day

    + fact am playing more and more active managers every time i go one level higher .. that provide me with a sublime thrilling experience everyday
    + the most important reason for me is that every time i try a new formation, I enjoy working around it trying to perfection it and learning new things everyday
    + fact i can play against my actual friends .. is so exciting is like a derby everytime
    + bidding system: the thrilling in selling and buying gems is so exciting .. i love bidding wars .. I tend to spot great players in the transfer list and just watch the bidding war even if am not bidding ..

    - stupid Cup system, that put me all the time with 7* & 8* teams in early rounds.. it become just a pointless excerise to play in the cup .. it is just costing me blue bas trying to motivate my players... the system is simply punishing me for having a decent team just bcz am among top 64 teams in my server ..
    - Token system .. which is a time consuming if you are a token farmer
    - details wise, a poor match engine as the existing text is not enough .. i want more text and a pitch showing where actions are happening following the ball movement, so i can know from which side opponent teams are able to penetrate my defense and thus able to correct it
    - no option to stop pointless friendlies
    - injuries while doing some stupid exercises like stretching in normal intensity .. it actually even make no difference and give you little advantage if you trained using hard match practice and have 60% skills bonus than 6 times stretching normal.. or whether you opted for a normal match practice and have 30% compared to 3 times stretching normal .. did anyone heard any player get injured from stretching in real life ? 1-2 players may be among all 20 teams combined in a season .. i will be lucky if i had only 2 injuries bcz of stupid stretching as it is often far more
    - injuries carried to the next season without any reduction in the time period .. in real life there is always 3 months resting period for the player to recover till first match in the new season.. and if every week in real life is = 1 day in T11, then if i had a player who is injured for 14 days in the last day of the season, that should be reduced to 2 days at the start of a new season ..
    - can't play against some of my friends bcz they are in a different server

    what is your experience?
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    that would be an excellent thread IF SOME OF THE IDIOTS WOULD LISTEN

    but since they care only for T and they don't care about their customers-palyers opinion i don't think i have anything to say
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    Like: a semi-enjoyable game of football, or something close to it.

    HATE: The fact that Nordeus doesnt fix the obvious problems with their game. Like the post above, it is obvious that Nordeus is only in it for the $$$. **** the customers and spend their money.

    Too bad i can list more things I hate about this game than I like. I have said it too many times in other threads and will not repost them here. bad topic for thread as this should be the case for most of the posts.
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    I like graphic design.
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    LIKE- the game from a purely football fan view...the level of in game customization...

    DISLIKE - the number of injuries...the price of tokens...four minutes to cancel a friendly...lack of quality in the auctions...
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    Like that it's competitive and you can play against others...

    I hate how unrealistic the game is. Its unrealism is on another level and I have a feeling this game engine is bi-polar. At times I destroy strong teams then I'd only narrowly beat a noob team. Then I would concede goals to much weaker players. I have aerial defenders, 3 of them in fact... my opponents don't usually have a corner specialist, is that enough for them to score from corners and free kicks? Absolutely not, they're scoring them as if they're Messi and I can't understand how that works. A lot of special abilities are underpowered and there are others that are overpowered.

    I also hate how this game just uses so many tokens too.. Like everything is centered around it.
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