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Thread: Newbie Needs Alittle Help

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    Newbie Needs Alittle Help

    So ive been playing 2 days, and am currently 2-0 in my league. Im wondering where in my squad do i need to get some more players, i have a 200k budget, and have been trying recently to purchase a few players on FT.

    What i bought so far
    GK ( 155K )
    ST ( My first two both injured in first 2 games ) 375K
    ML ( FT )
    DML ( FT )

    I feel i have a good base, but with 3 injuries in 2 games and not much money / tokens left. I feel i may struggle.

    Newbie Needs Alittle Help-team.jpg

    * Also how easily countered is this formation?
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    Hi there,
    At level 1 moneys quite tight but you dont really need to splash the cash as you already get an okay squad and most of the others in your league are inactive/bot robots
    If you desperately need cash you can go on facebook onto top eleven and below is 4 options 1 is to watch a video to get a stack of cash the other 3 are watchingvids for the boosters so you could watch vids to get red packs to heal your injured. You get 10k per vid at level 1 which may not seem like much but 5-10 videos a day will soon add up

    Also i saw you had 2 players out of position i wouldnt reccomend this as itll affect your overall teams performance