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Thread: Top Eleven - Play as Orlova [Tutorial A-Z]

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    Top Eleven - Play as Orlova [Tutorial A-Z]

    Hello guys, I am team manger and I'm back with a new tutorial and hopefully you will enjoy it!

    Just to be clear before we start, I can't promise you 100% that it will work exactly like that for you too!


    Formation is first thing about which you should take care when you are starting playing and it's one of the most important things in this game.

    • to avoid the problems with the ball possession you must have at least 1 Goalkeeper (blue), 3 Defenders (green), 1 Striker (red), 1 player on both flanks, 3 players in the mid. line and 4 players in the opponents half.

    • the best way to find the perfect formation for your team is to play with your best 11 players, isn't necesarry to play a standard formation like 4-4-2, 3-4-3 or any other classic formation you can feel free to create your own formation even if it will look a bit out of the box.

    (Lariat F.C formation)
    • above you have the formation of Lariat F.C, a 4 stars team who won CL and League against much better teams.

    Counter-Formation is the best way to lose tokens, money, time and boosters because:
    • you need more players in your team to counter all formations.
    • you need more boosters to keep everyone with good condition and moral.
    • you need more tokens and money for transfers.

    Best-Formation for us is 3-1-2-2-2: 3(DC/DC/DC) 1(DMC) 2(MC/MC) 1(AML) 1(AMR) 2(ST-ST)
    • minimum number of substitutions, only 5 (1DC, 1MC, 1AML, 1AMR, 1ST)
    • less boosters, tokens and money
    • very ofensive team
    • covering the best special abilities for players

    TACTIC depend from a team to another, this is not something standard, the best way to find a good tactic is to simulate more games and find out by yourself which suit the best your players.
    • Orders depend on your team quality, if you have a strong team you can use same orders, at Orlova I am using same orders from level 1 and now I'm level 25.

      (Orlova FC orders)

    • Auto-substitution is a very great tool and before you are starting the new season be sure you are setting your substitutions because you never know when you will get an injured player and it can cost you the game or worst the competition.

    • Penalties are important despite they are not so often during a game but it's quite a must to have a player with this special ability in your first 11. Before penalties you can set your players with the best condition because players with a very poor condition usually are missing the shoots so if you have a fresh player in your team it can be better to put him even if he is lower quality.
    • Free kicks order is very important because you are getting 1,2 or even more per game so try to buy a player with special abiltiy if not set your top player to do it.
    • ]Corners are another important aspect of the game so try to search for a player with this ability because it can help you to score many goals.
    • Team captain is not giving you anything extra so just set who you want.


    Special ability that's the only reason why you should go on training, if you don't want to train a special ability for your players, you don't have why to go there.

    If you're not a tokens buyer there's quite no reason for you to visit that tab because is not helping you to much. On Orlova FC and Orlova Academy I am never training my players because I prefer a 100% condition then few more skill points, plus you are avoiding the injury risk.


    Before every season is good to make a plan and decide for what you are fighting and what are your chances.

    League for me is the most important competition and is the main reason we are playing. If I see I don't have any chance to do it in TOP 3 I prefer to wait for 1 season.

    CUP is a tricky competition but you can see it from day one if you have or not a chance. If you have opponents with 2,3 stars over your team, don't even bother to play.

    +: a small amount of money and boosters
    - : injured players, - boosters/condition

    Champions League for me is the fun competition because you can test your skills against same level & quality opponents.


    To buy: If you are playing without extra tokens try not to bid for players in the first 2 days when everyone is rushing to buy.

    To sell: First day of the season is the best day because like we said above, everyone is rushing to buy players and with a bit of luck you can get a great price for your players.

    Connection: If you have a bad or not such a good internet connection avoid to bid in last second a small delay can make you to lose a player very easy.

    Tips (low tokens teams): Avoid players with SA, avoid very young players and avoid to bid in the first 48 hours. Remember that you can win great trophies even with old players because during a live game age is irrelevante.

    -if your offer won't be accepted you won't lose the money or the tokens
    -great players (age&quality)
    -good price
    -controlling offer price

    -tokens blocked up to 24 hours (when you are buying)
    -you can't add players on negotion
    -you can't cancel an offer

    -instant buy
    -great players
    -special ability

    -expensive (39tokens up to 69tokens)

    • new players on scouter list (days 1, 3, 4, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25 and 28).

    -possible great price
    -controlling selling price
    -free agent players

    -high risk of losing tokens
    -losing game connection (and tokens)
    -hard to find players with special ability


    • TV Right - always choose the second one "SPEED".
    • Offers - good to earn tokens.
    • Buy Tokens - the fastest way.

    • Jersey sponsorship - last one available (always)
    • Auction - you can sell players to earn moneys (tip: rename them with real football players name before you are selling them)
    • Free Agent - buy free agent players (F) 3 stars and re-sell them for a good profit.
    • Buy Moneys - the hardcore way.

    Tickets - start from a small amount of moneys and add + 1$ per game to see how many fans you will have, try to play with full house to win the maximum ball possession +5%.

    Bonuses - always maximum if is possible (increase the chances of victory)


    Start with the buildings that provides boosters (hospital, training center), U21 academy for youngstars, then facilities that provides you money (parking, utilities), pitch to avoid the big number of injuries, especially at low levels, then stadium seats, stadium and at the end other facilities that are not important like scoreboard or lights.

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