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Thread: how to win against this very defensive formation

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    Question how to win against this very defensive formation

    Hi guys

    i have an important match tomorrow against a team which is not better than me in quality

    but he have a better standing and use very defensive formation which is


    his average quality is 21.5 while i`m 26.8 from first look you say it`s an easy match while the league table looks different and i can`t afford lose this match as it will cost playing in champions next season the problem that i don`t have DMR-MR , DML-ML but i have AMR-AML i also cant decide attacking flanks or middle could someone help please???

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    Also you can play with 4 3 2 1 with 3 MCs + AMR/L but with blue arrows at AMR/L and with these orders:

    attacking mentality ... down the flanks (because I'm sure he is putting red arrows at the (DML/C/R) or you can play though the middle and it's good also ... whole pitch ... mixed passing ... no counter attack ... no offside trap ... zonal defense.

    And inshaa allah you will min bro

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    What are positional strengths and weaknesses? Can you outmatch him with 3 DCs vs his 3 ST?

    His formation is weak in center, so 3 midfielders should yield a good possession advantage for you. He's probably using defensive/ force counterattack so maybe use DMC (I'm cautious!) and 2 MC. You need 2 wingers, so AML and AMR, then either AMC/ST or ST/ST, whichever gives you the best situational advantage.

    That's just my philosophy - solid defense, then set up and exploit regional numerical/skill advantages on the field.
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    Considering your side is better on average quality, I'll assume your players beat his man for man.


    This is my suggestion as I prefer to play variations of 3-6-1. Your 3 DCs should be able to deal with his 3 STs. You say you have no DM and M wings, so I've placed flankers for you on AM. Other than that, you're free to adjust the other 5 players, maybe you'd like to play with 2 strikers instead, but I would not place them any further back, he doesn't really have much in the way of attackers.

    Red arrows on all AMs, MCs will cover them, and no arrows on your ST or DCs, short passing.
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    thx all for your help

    i really win the game with 4/1

    with a little change than Adel Gamal said

    by moving 1MC to play with 2 strikers instead of1