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Depends on your player form and ability to Shot/Score and Cross if he doesn't shoot on target. Also a big factor is how good is the Goal Keeper you play against. Last season I had a FK mid that 90% of the times scored - this season since the teams are stronger he doesn't score that often. It seams that the engine is using more and more random parameters in the game - some of the results are uncalled for, but that's the game - you have to adapt or Die like everybody else....
Good luck

PS: I prefer the ST - if he scores well he will be your best scorer in the team since he gets more chances to shoot on target.
Finally a decent looking post from you. Still a bit critical of Nordeus, or at least their game engine, but you're getting better.

It doesn't mean much if your ST is top scorer, though, we don't get any rewards for that.