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Thread: Newbie/Beginners Guide

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    Newbie/Beginners Guide

    This tutorial is for beginners.

    Important things to remember :
    -It is better if your team start the first day of the season (which is almost impossible for some users).
    -Their is no forms that always win. Their formation might work for you and sometimes not.
    -Player Health, Training, Players, Money, Attendance and expectators, Stadium and Facilities,Squad,orders and arrows,are the factors of being a successful manager.
    -"Money does not guarantee success."- Jose Mourinho. Buying tokens does not guarantee of being a succesful manager but if you use your tokens in right ways you can be successful but it is not guarantee.

    Starting a Team-
    It's better when you start a team in the 1st day of the season because you can manage your team early and having more chance of having a League Title or a Cup Title and you can also earn more tokens and more fans. But you may need to build a another account to start in 1st day just what I did. Even some managers get a League Title it is better to have a Cup title too.

    When starting a game Nordeus will give you a default formation according to your key players. I have created many accounts but the most common default formation is the classic 4-4-2. But try finding the formation that is best for your squad

    My favorite formations in the beginning:


    4-4-2 is a good formation that is the most commonly used. This is my favorite because its a versatile formation and it's just an average form meaning not too attacking and not too defensive. This formation is very defensive because of 4 Defenders and 4 Midfielders covering almost all of their areas.


    3-5-2 Flat is a good formation because it is defensive because you have 5 players in the midfield. You are also able to turn attack into defense quickly.


    4-3-3 is a good attacking formation especially if you have 3 or more strong strikers but it's weakness is its midfield.

    4-1-2-1-2 “Narrow Diamond”, 5-3-2, 4-5-1 are also good for beginners but i don't use them much but try them and always remember their is no formation that always win.

    Player Health
    Player health is a important factors in winning a game. If your player is injured he will not be able to play any game. He can play when his injury is healed. You can heal injuries by using Treatments that can be generated if you have Medical Facilities and you can get 1 if you play fairly in a game. Morale are use to make player morale good he can play better and have a lower chance of having a yellow card this can be generated by facilities. Rest is important in resting your player if they are tired because of practice or match this can be generated by facilities and making a substitution.


    I'm training my players if they are not too tired. They can gain training points if they train. Training points can also be gained in matches and gift. If you player gain enough training points they will become stronger and add one star but generating training points is different between older player and younger player because younger player can generate more skill points. Skill points in training can also be used in learning new positions and special skills but i don't use them their because that is only good if your willing to use skill points in learning and if your player can generate skill points easily.

    When we begin in game we will have a good players but we also need to bid to be able to get more strong players. I suggest if you have good young players to bid get them because they can hep in teams current and future situation but in my experience it is hard to find a cheap young good player because of their skills in a very young age they can cost up to 1 million + but bidding in cheap good old player is not a bad thing for a beginner player but it is better if you get a young one.

    Even money does not guarantee success in Top Eleven you need it to upgrade your teams in auction or in scout and in upgrading the facilities. Money can be gained in winning a match (except friendly) and in the income from the ticket sales. It can be also be generated in facilities. Money can also use in Win bonus to motivate your player formation. You can also have a bank loan using some tokens.

    Attendance and expectators
    Your attendance in Live Game can give your team a 8% possession that can lead to a better outcome. You can also think about the strategy when observing the game and make substitution for tired,injured player, and a player with a yellow card but not red card. If you have a friend that will support you you will get 3% possession. If your the home team you will get extra possession depending in fans attendance and in your stadium capacity.

    Stadium and Facilities

    Stadium can help to gain possession because it's space can affect the expectators to watch the match and also ticket sales. Facilities can help you generate Treatments, Rest, and Morale they can also generate young players. Facilities can also affect players performance and the fans.

    Upgrading the squad is the 1st thing you need to do. In picking the formation you need that your key players is being used. Bidding in good players is a good thing to upgrade your team. If you have a good squad you can have a great chance to win.

    Orders and arrows ETC.
    Orders are helpful in winning the game finding the best order for your formation can help winning the game. Arrows are good that can make your team to have a chance to score but it can also worse the situation because it can cause defensive problem and players that have arrows can be easily tired. In picking the substitution pick the best sub for that position. In penalty kick use a penalty kick specialist or you're best striker and midfielders. In free kick use a free kick specialist or you're best midfielder and strikers. In choose free kick specialist or you're best midfielder and defender. In picking the captain I select the best old player.

    I don't buy tokens because you can win without buying tokens. If you want you can buy tokens or take some offers but buying some doesn't guarantee success. Tokens are use in buying jersey, emblem, scout players, and in bidding. Some teams that buy tokens doesn't even reach the 7th Place.

    This is my first guide if their is something wrong just tell me

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    Nice guide. It will be good for beginners. Just one change I will suggest. U said to choose the Pen Specialist or the best ST for penalties. U shed right the players with the best shooting attribute instead is ST. Same for FKs, after the specialist, the player with highest shooting. And in corners, after the specialists, the player with the best crossing. Make a note there that the specialist and best shooters/crossers don't always work for pen/FKs/Corners so u need to keep checking and find the best one.
    I am putting the link to this guide in the thread 'The Boot Room: New Manager Zone' and if the creator of that thread, Mo, is ever back, I will tell her to put this link on that threads first page.

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    Yah they don't always work but its better....... your right that we need to select the one with best shooting attributes but the top rated strikers and midfielders mostly specially for beginners are their key players meaning they are the best available. About the crossing midfielders and defenders because they do alot of crossings.