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Thread: How to carefully select and win your auctions

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    Lightbulb How to carefully select and win your auctions

    I posted some of these points in another thread as an answer, but I decided to do a fully thread about it, so that more people see this tips and hopefully find help in these.

    Moreover, these tips are all based on my personal experiences and do not guarantee you to win an auction. It is still your decision how to bid and how you think you can win the auction. This thread is made for beginners and for people struggling with auctions.

    In general, these are tips for people having a quite amount of token to spend per season, means around 100 token, like me. Most of the tips might also work for teams having less tokens or even 35 tokens teams but you should be willing to spend some tokens if you really want a player.

    This leads us to the important points of how to win more auctions.

    Before we start, I would like to say, that you only have to bid once per round, so do not waste more than one token per round, unless you have a real intention behind your action, what mostly can't be the case. How to bid your token, will be said in one of the future points. Furthermore,'heart' players, who you think they could be good for you, so make them as favourites.

    1. Carefully select the player you want: This means, that you decide not only what player you want, but also your chances of getting this player. If you don't want to spend too much tokens on one player, because it's to risky for you, don't bid on the best and youngest player out there. Bid more on players with a lower overall, so 5* players with a 0,1,2 or a 5,6,7 as the last number of their overall rating, depending on your level and often on older players as well, for example 25 years or so. Sometimes, especially in lower levels, you can also bid on very expensive players and sometimes have luck and get them cheap.

    Try to learn the market and your opponents - 'cause knowledge is power: Visit the market often and look at the auctions of many players. It helps to learn the market, so you recognize crazy token spenders in your level, where it is senseless to bid, when these people bid on the player you want to have. When I see some special people bidding on a player that i made as a favourite, i just dont waste a single token and try again later with another player. Also look at the teams of your opponents, if they only have crazy 6* players with specialities, it's very unlikely, that they stop bidding after a few rounds.

    3. Set yourself limits: Depending on how much you want this particular player and on your amount of tokens to spend, set yourself a limit, where you won't bid any further. For me, this limit for players that i really want is at 12 tokens, so after 11 rounds. The intention behind this is, that many people stop after 10 rounds and sometimes you get lucky and round 11 is the final one. When my opponent wants to bid further, I stop bidding, because it is likely that he goes to round 15 or even more. If you have less tokens you should stop either earlier or search for other players, as I mentioned earlier. I would set a limit too, when there are more than 3 people bidding after 5 rounds. The price for the player rises very fast and it's unlikely, that so many players stop in the next rounds.

    4. Varying your bid can be key: Learn the opponents while bidding - means, vary your bids, so for example 2 or 3 knockout-rounds, especially at the beginning, bid within the first seconds of a round, then look how your opponent(s) bid(s). Sometimes they dont bid when they lead. You can easily knock them out with a last second bit in the next round, no problem what so ever. Also you can scare people while bidding in the first second of a round, because it shows that you want the player very much.

    5. Time: If possible, the best time is in the morning (for me in Germany around 7 am) because there are generated players on the market and not too many people bidding at them.

    I will update this post when more tips come into my mind while playing. I hope, that this will help you a bit, to waste less tokens and win more auctions!
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    The time when the server has generated players, and less bidders, will vary depending on where you live. But, nice post! Danke
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