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Thread: Want help about Session and TV rights confusion..

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    Want help about Session and TV rights confusion..

    Hi guys,
    I'm in 2nd session 2nd level of Top11. My session has 9 days left and my TV rights has 5 days left. So after 5 days my TV rights will be expire but session will another 4 days. So my question is What will i do after 5 days ? Because if i'll sign TV rights after 5 days, it will take another 10-12 days in 3rd session 3rd level but there has a locked TV rights option for 3rd level and I think it will be better option than now and if i will not sign TV rights after 5 days then I just miss 4 tokens. So please any one say me what is the better solution ?

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    The best one for Tokens, is the one Extra for Dedication where you sign in every day. It is *always* the best one, so I would sign that if you want the most Tokens.
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