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    New Player

    Hello, Not sure if this is the correct forum to post in, and as I have not seen what im after in the threads I have read. Basically I am a complete new player to the game, I am not a paying player, I play for free, (don't agree with micro transactions in games like this, but understand the reasoning behind them, just personal preference) anyway, from what I have read I seem to be doing this thing completely wrong. I have never played a manager game before, but I now see my self struggling through doing things wrong with only 1 token and only around 500k budget. When I first started playing (2 days ago) I was going for players with higher star ratings than my current players. starting team was full of 3* so was looking to replace them for 4*.

    I then noticed that there is stats that come with these players, that is now what im basing my squad off, and where I feel i need strengthening. for instance, checking defensive OVR, attack OVR, and physical OVR, with other players in the same positions depending on position and adjusting that way.

    I have since come to realise that there is a Quality rating on the players, and the stars are basically irrelevant and should only used as a quick glance. So could someone please give me some tips on how to look for players, and how to be successful in this game under my current circumstances.

    Many thanks

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    This thread is a collection of good tutorials:

    Also you should read the Top Eleven Official Wiki

    The star rating is to compare raw Q between players on your level.

    The Q number is total of three attributes groups, Defense, Offense and Physical. Looking at attributes will tell you a little about what a player is good at. Younger players tend to have fairly even numbers across those columns, guys that have been playing awhile may be quite uneven depending on how his manager assigned points.

    When playing on limited tokens, it is best to be patient and check the transfer list often to try to find when less people are bidding, and only bid on someone no else has, and only right before his time is up.
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