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Thread: The "Magic" Team

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    The "Magic" Team

    In search of Shangri la!

    The "Magic"

    Does any one have ALL the positions covered! Once or even twice, meaning you have all positions cover by two or more players.

    You can play ANY formations! All positions covered IN-positions twice, is it possible?

    Meaning, you can play every formation? Triple DCs, DMCs, MCs, AMCs. STs included.

    Love to see a screenshot!

    P.S. Why does Nordeus, No! Sorry! I mean His Evilness Lord Jose Morinhoseux! produce a MR/MC or ML/MC or even a ML/MC/MR tri-position player on the transfer market, seems reasonable? I really don't care to train one up.
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    The building of the MAGIC team.

    Can we build the MAGIC TEAM!
    Play every possible formation, all covered with a backup, with 22 players, 14 positions?

    Even SAs on everyone?

    ST AML/AMC/AMR ML/MC/MR DML/DMC/DMR DL/DC/DR GK -------- 14 Positions

    No Wait! 3 DCs, 3 DMCs, 3MCs, 3 AMCs, 3 STs to cover all formations! 24 Positions!

    22 players!

    GK is Goal Keeper no multiply positions! 2 positions set, 24 positions left to be covered plus a sub!

    20 players with tri-positions capabilities. 20 X 3 = 60 positions

    24 x 2 = 48 needed to cover twice! No only 38! why?

    DC/DC/DC you will only need one DC as reserve/SUB, no need for 3, your reserve/sub list cannot accommodate it. Take 10 away.

    So, 24 x 2 - 10, 38 positional players. (plus 2 GKs)

    Theoretically it should be easy, 60 multi-positions, only 38 positions covered right! Don't forget the 2 GKs

    60 - (38+2) = 20 to spare right.

    But of course all tri-positions are spatially related, eg DMC/MC/AMC, AML/AMC/AMR, etc,,,

    Means the multi-postional roles are spaced right next to each other!

    You CANNOT have a DL/MR/AML player, BIG NO NO!

    The Challenge is to build an all covering team, all positions covered with a reserve/SUB including the 2 GK with SAs on everyone! "Magic" team.

    Is it possible? Will it be workable? WILL IT WIN?
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    I had that and i have to say that it's a waste.. you would never need to cover up all possible possitions on the pitch as you can only use 11 players(10 w/o GK) AND as most of the managers in here.. everyone got a favourite or two formations that we use and that's it
    You could possibly build it, yeah..
    do you need to? no
    Will it win? uhm how much tokens are we talking about xD If you invest over 2.5k you can build that and win every possible competition, yes.

    Edit: Ups i didn't have 3 DMC.

    7x DC
    3x DR
    3X DL
    1X DMC
    1X DMR/DML
    4X MC
    1X ML/MR
    3X AMC
    3X AML
    3X ST

    Another two DMC could be added pretty easy in here tho but thoes i don't rly like/use
    Cat could borrow me some as she got around 7 of them xD
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    I don't have DML/DMR. What I *do* have is a lot 'o DMC's. I have in the past had ML/MC/MR etc ( but am now using AML/ML, AMR/MR & AMC/MC instead. I stopped with most SA's unless it's a super fast trainer. But I think I have a good mix of positions that covers all formations I use, with subs.

    The "Magic" Team-my-magic-squad.jpg

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    WOW, I am seriously humbled! Kudos on those screenshots!

    6 DMCs!!!!! You take the cake and you get to eat it too!

    Well the whole point was being able to play all possible formation with ease, not being bound with possession % penalties for out-of-position players, really test out the formations and counters table for all its worth.

    There are many advantages to building such a team, In my first season I saw someone with a fully outfitted stadium and facility, but could not string together 2 wins in a rows if he life depended on it. He just bought all the best Scouts he could and put them into any position he cared to and expected wins, which didn't come.

    Why he built his stadium and facilities to the max in level 1, I don't know, I guess he thought it looked cool!

    He eventually abandoned his team.

    I would think all those tokens spent in level one could have been better put into building our Magic team and he would dominated everyone in about 1 seasons and for the next 9 season or more rule his level on his server. Total formation flexibility.

    Again, this is a dream team and the emphasis is on the word "Dream", we all having played this game knows, not all players will perform, getting the right mix to fill all the spots is damn near impossible, train them into those spots will put you into the poor house and players start to suck for no apparent reason, without any remedy in sight. Constant replacement of players is a part of the game, maintaining this dream team is a Token Hogs worst nightmare.

    BUT, "Hope spring eternal"!

    I would like to see someone achieve the total DREAM team, it would be interesting. Just imagine, even to have two in the same league, just to test out some theories in friendlies, a lot of arguments would end about counters, tactics and such.....

    Dream on Managers.


    P.S. Second account level 1, 22 Nordgens! hmmmm......
    In football it is better to be Lucky than Good.

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    I'm almost there
    3 x ST
    2 x AML
    2 x AMC
    2 x AMR
    1 x ML
    4 x MC
    1 x MR
    2 x DML
    4 x DMC
    1 x DMR
    3 x DL
    6 x DC
    2 x DR

    To cover everything I'd need to replace 1 DL/DML and 1 DC/DMC with a ML/DML and a MR/DMR, but those are pretty rare. And I don't actually field DMR/DMLs that often, while I tend to use AMR & AML more than MR/ML.

    The &quot;Magic&quot; Team-s9_13_positions.jpg