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Thread: How can I beat 4-3W-1-2 ?

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    How can I beat 4-3W-1-2 ?

    I'm up against a level 1 in the cup (I'm level 2) my average team rating is 18.3, his is 13.3 but I lost the away leg 2:0.

    He played 4-3W-1-2


    Having seen TheRainmaker's posts in the How to Win Against Any Formation thread a couple of days ago I lined up with the formation he won 2:0 with against the same formation - 3N-3W-2W-1-1 and promptly lost 2:0 as I said.


    Away and watching the match accounts for 3% of the advantage I had in possession which was 57:43 in my favour, all the other stats were pretty even.

    I can play pretty much any formation with my squad and still maintain my team rating advantage - I'd really like a good run in the cup as I think when I get to higher levels and start facing the big spenders I'll have no chance - Anyone got any ideas on this???
    (I could just line up with the same formation as his but I'm concerned that won't be enough for the 3 goal margin I'll need in the second leg given I didn't manage an away goal.)

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    I'm going to face the same formations against the runner up of my league (I'm at 1st place) and I'm going to use a 4-5-1 V module

    4 defenders to stop the strikers and the MR/ML
    1 DMC to face its AMC
    2 MC against its only 1 MC
    AMR/AML/ST to attack its defense

    During the first half I would set counter attack and passing on flanks, normal mentality and red arrow on the DMC (so when attacking you will be 3 vs 1 in the middle).

    During the second half, if you need to score, you could set red arrows on DL/DR, attacking mentality and place another striker (AMC-ST-ST)

    Don't forget to motivate your players with prizes.

    And, most important of all strategies, you need luck!