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Thread: Help wanted!

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    Help wanted!

    Hey guys, I have been playing this game for a while now and I am loving it. Some days ago I had this idea of making a detailed guide for TE covering from the most trivial stuff, as how to transfer players, to the point of power training and more advanced stuff. I will use stuff I read on the forums (always giving credit to the original authors) as well as my own ideas and suggestions. So, I was wandering if anyone here would like to collaborate with me and help me write this guide or/and even translate it to other launguages when it's completed. So if someone is interested, he can add me here as a friend or/and facebook @La Ku. I can do it by myself, this is not the point, but if more than one or two people help me, the better the result and the guide will be more accurate, gathering knowledge from players that have spent time and effort in this game and it can be useful even to veteran players. This project means alot to me so please contact me only if you are really interested in working with others profecionaly. Love and peace <3
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    Hi D, best wishes to you and all the friends of the forum. As you know I 've started a guide for detecting fast trainers. It's a big one, to analytic and sometimes difficult to follow but need patient if you want to have to gather the seeds . So far I didn't see any participation from new members and I believe that most of the new members of the forum don't care much about reading guides or so.
    Sorry to say but this section must be rename "Why bother to read a guide instead of posting your question in "general discussion" ? "
    If someone want to go deeper in the game there are guides and specific posts about all subjects that anyone can find using the right words and put them in the search button.
    To tell the truth, I 'm interesting more about the creation of a Greek forum.
    I see the new Spanish and French and I 'm jealous.
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    another guide? i think we need a guide for the tutorial thread. its unsorted.
    good luck & have fun writing your guide.
    i disagree with niko about the need of participation from readers. many users just read & not everyone wants to contribute in a forum. also it could be used much more but unfortunately there is no link or redirection to this forum if you login/play via facebook.

    atm i play lvl 18 and still reading guides to learn a new (or old) hints.

    and again i disagree with you niko... no offense to you, but your so called "guide" is pain in the ass to find the good information.
    now its just a log, a long and confusing one.
    you really should do a complete overhaulin of your first entry. no one wants (and no one does, i think) read the complete transfer history.

    your summary was a good start. why dont you put it on page 1? also buffs mad posted useful things.

    also you could add some information from this

    if you reach higher levels, the information of picture 1 is what you need know to spot the fast ones.

    anyway.. keep up your good work. honor to all of you.
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    Hi my friend
    Your observations are very useful.
    I started my guide but this thing about fast trainers is a little complicate. One thing to explain, bring other three to question about it. Especially if many people from different levels participate.
    So, it turn to something like, finding fast trainers level by level.
    Steps calculations thread also is very useful and I recommend it to anyone who is interesting in fast training (also Khris has a very good thread) but the key is to detect the fast trainers before you buy them so to decide if it's worthy if the auction leads to a bidding war.

    I 'm little disappointed because new players/forum members seems that not reading this section of the forum and not to searching generally. Every once in a while, someone who read the word nordgen, asking or starting a post instead of put this in search button and examine the results which are very useful and van read many things instead of just an answer of 2-3 lines.
    Also if you see the threads of this section, most of them are only questions and many of them irrelative (for example formation questions).

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