I end up with 2 DC 6*, DCM 6*, 2 MC 6* and 1 MC 7*. got a 5* AMC/AML/AMR and he averages 1G+1A/game. I got few 5* ST but they all feed the AMC, don't score much. So If I was to play all my best players, It would look like this :


I was thinking blue arrow on DMC and red arrow son DR+DL but not sure if that's effective. I have used this formation against weak teams and I dominate possession but score very little. I use attack, short passing through middle, pressing whole pitch, offiside trap. Red arrow on 1 MC 7* with Dribble SA. I beat the worse team in the league 1-0 with 80 possession, all their players are 2* and 3*. Another annoying thing is the MC with the red arrow always perform very bad. I see other managers using MC with dribbling skills and they score alot. Any tips on the tactics of making this formation possible? Any tips on how to get my star play to perform well? I love him, he trains so fast, 1 star in the very first day, only cost me 70 greens.

PS. After turning 7* he still train fast, no difference, but when i stopped him for few hours, when i got back to him his progress halted by half. I don't think it make sense that if you don't distribute the skill points then you can continue training fast because if that was the case I would train the guy for like 4 seasons. Everytime I get promoted he lose a star and train even faster? Any educated theories?