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Thread: If match attendance is restricted?...whats the point upgrading?

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    Exclamation If match attendance is restricted?...whats the point upgrading?

    Hi guys

    If the amount of fans attending your games are restricted to a max per your level..i.e level 2= 2500 supporters?...whats the point in upgrading the stadium or seating?

    I understand that the upgrades allows building of other important grounds upgrades like medic and youth school training etc, but to have a 45k capacity stadium and have 2500 supporters rattling around seems pointless? plus these upgrades don't come cheap.

    Any advice pls guys The size of the stadium and supporters must have an effect on players moral?

    If the upgrades allow for a larger number of supporter growth at the end of each match then fair enough...but this doesn't seem to be the case?

    kind regards in advance John

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    You pretty much answered your own question. The only reason to upgrade the stadium beyond the attendance limit is to make it possible to upgrade other facilities that have a direct impact on games. Your boost to the team performance is based on % of the limit and not on capacity.

    I have decided to upgrade all other facilities to the max each time before the stadium upgrades. If I get to the point when I am at my attendance cap and the cost of a stadium upgrade isn't worth the benefit of upgrading other facilities then I spend my money on roster upgrades instead until I either decide it is worth the cost or I can actually boost attendance. \

    I personally like the immersion aspect of games so I understand not wanting to have a stadium with a ton of empty seats.

    Someone more knowledgeable can correct me if I am wrong but the game seems to be set up for one stadium upgrade per level. Any more and you are getting a lot of empty seats in exchange for better supporting facilities.

    I understand some of the facilities being tied to each other and the overall size of the club such as parking, lighting, and youth academies. However it is certainly plausible for a club to have a better pitch than other teams with a similar capacity stadium. Same with scoreboard, concessions, and to some extent training/medical facilities. I would like to see the restrictions eased a little bit. Certainly a club that only draws 5,000 a game should not have the kind of training facilities that United has or the crazy youth academy that City built but it shouldn't be quite so restricted at the lower levels.

    At the top level there should be a bigger gulf though. There isn't a league on earth where you can have a dozen clubs with 60,000+ seat stadiums and spending 100M on transfers. Those things should be reserved for consistent top 4 finishers at the highest level. May not make for the most competitive game but I prefer the realistic challenge to parity.

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    Its like upgrading one facility to be able to upgrade other facilities that boost your game


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