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Thread: Using Advanced Search on the Forum

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    Using Advanced Search on the Forum

    You can find a lot of info, if you know how to do it!

    The regular search I never use, I instead always go Advanced, you can add more details to get a better result.

    So click on Advanced Search:

    Using Advanced Search on the Forum-srch-1.jpg

    Then you get this screen, and click on the Single Content Type tab:

    Using Advanced Search on the Forum-srch-2.png

    Then you have all sorts of options that can be very helpful to find the post(s) you are looking for.

    Using Advanced Search on the Forum-srch-3.png

    The first choice is which Type, Posts or Threads. Generally I use the Posts option.

    Then the next option is Keywords, the heart of the search.
    Try to use one or two words, common words will be ignored.
    You also can search for titles only, if you remember the title or part of it:

    Using Advanced Search on the Forum-srch-4.png

    The next option is if you want to see a particular person's posts, or threads they have started:

    Using Advanced Search on the Forum-srch-5.png

    Below that the option for entering Tags, but many posts on here are untagged so I don't use that much.

    Those are basic Options, then there is some really useful Additional Options:

    Using Advanced Search on the Forum-srch-6.png

    The first is Where to Search?

    Using Advanced Search on the Forum-srch-7.png

    You can search everywhere with All Open Forums.

    Then there is the option to search Subscribed Forums. This can narrow the search to just the Forums you read.
    How do I subscribe to a Forum, you say?

    You can search in one of the Forums only, if you want to search a language only select that main Forum and check child forums too.

    You then can select how many replies the found threads have,
    if you want "all" leave it at At Least and nothing.

    The next is When to Search for? If you know how far back to search select that,
    otherwise if you want "all" select Any Date and Newer.

    The next option is about how to sort the results:

    Using Advanced Search on the Forum-srch-9.png

    You can select Threads or Posts. Threads seem to return better results for me.

    And last but not least you can SAVE these options to easily do the same search the next time you log in.

    Using Advanced Search on the Forum-srch-10.png
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