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Thread: Alright... limited options vs. 4-1-4-1

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    Alright... limited options vs. 4-1-4-1

    So I've gone back thru all all this guys matches..... he has only lost by more than a goal once...

    Lotsa draws and close, close games....

    He always runs a 4-1-4-1.... but his wing players are substantially weaker than his players along the centre of the pitch...

    Guide says 3W-4-3..... was going to be the plan... then #3 striker went down with a dislocated ankle... so no go....

    The narrow diamond seemed to have some positive effects when it was used against him.... but my only AMC is also
    on his arse right now with an ACL tear.... so at least there I have someone I can play OOP... he's already played AMC and scored from there... did it in fact after the injury substitution....

    Also seen mixed results against him with the 4-4-2.... my squad is substantially better than his... and we are well equipped
    currently for the 4-4-2.... with Both flank attack I think we could succeed...

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    I enjoy playing against teans with 3W defenders, leaves them open through the middle. If you have 2 AMCs, play 3N-4-2-1, that should fix him up. If not try with one AMC, 5 in the middle with red arrows on the two wider MCs, attack through the middle. 6 in the middle will dominate his 5 & hopefully give you a possession advantage.

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