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Thread: youth from Academy selling

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    youth from Academy selling

    Dearest managers,
    as many of you i periodically receive young guys from my Academy and if they're right i sign their contracts. I have to tell that many of them are not able for my quality so i sign the same and immediatly try to sell'em, just to gain some money.
    Unfortunately last time didn't go as expected and now i have 2 guys that i cannot give away.

    youth from Academy selling-cats.jpg

    I would like to have a tip:
    i'm level 19 and that guys (Furgato and Bellotto) are on sold quite some time...but they are still there!!!!
    Are their prizes too high (40,2 and 31,8)?
    They are the lowest prizes i can apply....
    What can i do (without sack them)?

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    I sign only the free young players from the two, if the player has 3 or 4 stars. after that i use him or i selling him. the other player needs very much tokens for his value. with so mouch token, i can buy a player with 5 stars!!!!

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    change name or train ability and get him 3 position maybe someone catch him from market or negotiation