i thought that the strategy is now very popular but it wasn't the case in this forum. before beginning i just notice that:

- this guide isn't for the one who play a team 35 T (like me) but you can apply it to win the Cup of course.
- this guide demands you at least 150 T for each season.
- this guide isn't for the one who are in top of his sever

1. Team Quality First of all, to have a fair chance in the 3 competition, the league you need a 5 * team, the Champion league you need a 6* team, and the cup you need to avoid opponent from upper level. So, a 6 * team and even 7* team is very needed.
2. Friends It's good for you to have friend in the same level and they are competitive to you but your chance in the league and CL will decrease so delete all friend in the same level.
3. Cup draw how to have a good draw? this season to win the treble you have a team with 15-17 player 6-7* and 5 player 1* or even lower. but you need to ensure that 6 of the 15 player are in the last year of his contract so next season they would have a good draw. It means
-each season you signed 3 player and only 3 fast 18 YO player. train them to 6* end or specialist (depend on your budget)
- resigned your player at 21 year at the 1st day of season so his contract have only 2 year.
- sell every 23 yo player when you have his 18yo replacement
- keep 5 player 2* from academy to his retirement
in Final your team compose 15 player 6-7*
3 player 18 yo with 3years contract
3 player 19 yo with 2years contract
3 player 20 y0 in last year contract
3 player 21 yo with 2 years contract
3 player 22 yo in the last year contract
5 player 1*.

To start now, you buy 5 player 18yo in the 1st 3 season, sign 2 young player and signe an 3 in free A. after 3 season you sign only 3 player 18yo and keep the one you like.