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Thread: Manage Skill Point

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    Manage Skill Point

    Iam sorry for bad english

    And iam go to the point

    Defensive Player ( DC ) course is a skill that takes Defense & Physical And Mental Skills.
    So the Skill Attacks no longer grow because it is not needed on a defender .

    But contrary to the attacker or Midfield certainly Skill Attacks and Physical and Mental required.
    So Skill Defense are no longer increasing , because it is not needed by the players.

    1. Example. DC. Defence 50.4 Attack 44.6 Physical and Mental 46.2. Should Defence higher 20 point different?

    2. Increasing skill point only Defence or increase Physical and Mental too?

    3. And how about MC? MC is Midfielder. MC can defence and attack.

    Essentially how to improve correctly.

    Thanks before

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    I keep attack and M&P about +20 from defense, for attackers - same for defenders.
    MC a little more balanced. Give few sp to defense to.
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