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Thread: Instable finances

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    Instable finances

    Hey players.

    Since 4 seasons, i can't have stable finances, i have full facilities, full stadium capacity every game at 60$, a ****ty old plantel cuz i cant buy players, but still, the players salary is too damn high! this isnt fair! 15 players = 22.2MILION PERDAY

    Topeleven admins should think about this, i cant do nothing now.

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    same here, season 29, got about 5 euros left, $26 million a day for a squad of 14, $1,7 income + a bit out the champions league, never got past the 2nd round in the cup, 3 teams have give up in my league, a 159 striker wants 40.1 mill per season, once in debt your best players get sold, so after this season it will be pointless , losing a player a day, replaced by a 34 year old, just greed to buy tokens